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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 4/26/1991
Date Closed: 2/4/1993
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12/15/1993Revised tariff, PUCO No. 6, Check List - 317th sheet 1; Section 2.3 - 9th sheet 5, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy.0
06/03/1993Final tariff, PUCO No. 4, Section 1 - 1st sheet 7, filed on behalf of Nova Telephone Company by R. Ringler.0
06/02/1993Letter stating that the in-service date for the institution of two-way measured-rate EAS between GTE's New London ex- change and the Nova exchange of The Nova Telephone Company is December 16, 1993, filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy.0
05/24/1993Response filed on behalf of the Nova Telephone Company by R. Ringler.0
02/04/1993Supplemental Opinion & ordering stating that the complain- ants have demonstrated a sufficient community of interest to warrant the institution of two-way, measured-rate EAS between the New London and Nova exchanges; that respondents should establish an in-service date within 4 months of this order.0
11/27/1992Supplemental information filed on behalf of respondent, Nova Telephone Company, by R. Ringler.0
06/15/1992Affidavit of Richard L. Ringler, president, The Nova Telephone Company, in response to April 16, 1992 Opinion and Order filed by D. Pemberton.0
06/04/1992Supplemental information response filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart.0
04/16/1992Opinion & Order denying the request for two-way, nonoptional flat-rate EAS between the New London Exchange and the Ashland Exchange; the Commission will make no determination regarding the request for EAS between the New London and Nova Exchanges pending receipt of additional cost infor- mation due within 60 days.0
07/22/1991Transcript filed for hearing held 7/9/91, (JA), 156 pgs., Submitted. (Ruggles, Ohio)0
07/05/1991Proof of Publication filed. (Lorain County)0
07/03/1991Proof of Publication filed. (Huron County)0
07/02/1991Entry denying the complainants' request that EAS be considered for only the portion of the New London Exchange located in Ashland County; that the complainants be prepared to present testimony as to the community of interest between all of the exchanges involved in this proceeding, in their entirety. (AE)0
06/27/1991Proof of Publication filed. (Ashland County)0
06/27/1991Testimony and attachments of David E. Kasmenn filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart.0
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Agranoff, Jay