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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 5/4/1990
Date Closed: 11/21/1991
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12/26/1991Certificate No. 82221-R issued.0
11/21/1991Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
10/30/1991Shipper's verified statement; Consolidated Ceramic Products, Inc./Rick Grant, traffic manager, filed.0
10/30/1991Shipper's verified statement; T W M Enterprises, Inc./ Thomas A. Jones, president, filed.0
10/30/1991Shipper's verified statement; Reynolds Metal/Larry Stebelton, distribution manager, filed.0
10/30/1991Applicant's verified statement; Sewell Motor Express, Inc./ Howard Sewell, chairman of the board, filed.0
10/30/1991Shipper's verified statement; PAC National Inc./Todd Reed, traffic manager, filed.0
10/01/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of Steubenville Transfer Co. by M. Spurlock.0
09/24/1991(SECOND AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property over regular routes as follows: Steubenville, Ohio, via S.R. 7 to Andover, Ohio, and return, serving points on said route, RESTRICTED AGAINST: 1. Commodities in bulk. 2. Cash letters, audit and accounting media, commercial papers, banking documents and other documents used in the conduct of operations by banks and other financial institutions. 3. Service to and from youngstown and points in the Niles, Warren, Youngstown Commercial Zone as existing May 4, 1990. 4. Service to and from points in Liberty Township, Trumbull County. 5. Pick uo and delivery of freight at points in the Steubenville Commercial as existing on May 4, 1990, except as otherwise authorized. 6. Transportation of commodities requiring the use of carry-all or lowboy trialers from and to Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson and Belmont Counties.0
09/24/1991Second Amended Exhibit 4 filed on behalf of applicant.0
09/20/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of Trans-Ohio Haulers, Inc. by J. Alden.0
09/03/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of TNT Holland Motor Express, Inc. by D. Turano.0
09/03/1991Transcript filed for hearing held 8/15/91, (MF), 9 pgs., Con't.0
08/29/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of The United States Cargo & Courier Service Incorporated by B. Ferris.0
08/29/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of R & L Transfer, Inc. by B. Ferris.0
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Bulgrin, Richard