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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 3/29/1990 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 9/9/1993
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06/01/1995Entry ordering that certificates issued to the applicants in these proceedings authorizing unrestricted, statewide household goods operations are canceled, and that this case be closed of record. (3 pgs.)0
05/22/1995Entry ordering that the parties to this case appear at a conference on May 25, 1995 at 10:00 a.m. at the Commission offices. (AE) (3 pgs.)0
11/19/1993Corrected Certificate No. 90725-I issued.0
11/03/1993Entry denying the applications for rehearing filed by the protestants.0
10/06/1993Certificate No. 90725-I issued.0
09/20/1993Motion to hold in abeyance filed on behalf of Advance Transfer Co. et. al. by E. Merwin.0
09/09/1993Opinion & Order denying the request of the Advance pro- testants for the issuance of an attorney examiner's report; that the petition to reopen filed by Stierhoff Bros. Moving & Cartage is denied as moot; that the application of Warner Storage, Inc. is dismissed; that the 22 remaining applicants comply with the requirements of this order within 60 days, or the applications shall be subject to dismissal.0
10/02/1992Entry ordering that the request to establish a new schedule for proceeding in this matter and to utilize the October 15, 1992 hearing date as a prehearing conference is denied; that this case shall proceed according to the schedule agreed to by all parties at the status conference held 9/3/92, as reflected in the AE entry dated 9/10/92; that, in the event a proposed schedule for the examination of witnesses during the October hearing dates has not been filed and served on applicant's counsel, it shall be filed and served immediately; that counsel for protestants file and serve on opposing counsel by 10/8/92 copies of the direct testimony of each witness scheduled to testify on October 15, 1992, and all documents and exhibits relating to such testimony; that protestants shall be prepared to pre- ceed with their cases on 10/15/92; that all discovery in this matter shall be completed by 10/8/92. (AE)0
09/10/1992Entry ordering that, in the event that this matter cannot be resolved by means of settlement, protestants will pro- ceed with their cases on October 15, 29, and 30, 1992 with each session starting at 10:00 a.m.; counsel should reserve the week of November 16 to 20, 1992 for additional hearing dates; counsel for protestants will be required to file and serve upon opposing counsel by November 1, 1992, a proposed schedule for the examination of witnesses. (AE)0
08/21/1992Entry scheduling a status conference at 1:30 p.m. on 9/3/92 at the Commission offices. (AE)0
08/06/1992Entry denying the motions to dismiss.0
07/30/1992Entry ordering that Midwest Van Lines, Inc. be substituted as protestant for Thompson's Transfer Co. in each of the 23 consolidated cases. (AE)0
07/08/1992Motion to substitute parties filed on behalf of applicant by C. Valentine, Jr.0
09/13/1991Record objections filed on behalf of applicants by C. Jones.0
09/06/1991Entry ordering that hearings for the cross-examination of applicants' shipper and expert witnesses will be held October 1, 2, 22, and 23, 1991 and that applicants will file and serve upon counsel for all protestants a schedule showing the name and date each witness is expected to testify; each applicant listed in entry must serve copies of the requested documents upon counsel for movants, or file a motion for a protective order by 9/18/91; any memoranda contra with respect to motions for protective orders must be filed by 9/23/91 and reply memoranda must be filed by 9/26/91; service upon movants and applicants shall be by hand delivery or receipt of facsimile at the office of counsel for movants or applicants and service upon counsel for all other protestants may be made by mail; that any applicant who fails to comply with the foregoing directives will be dismissed from these proceedings; that any shipper witness who fails to comply with foregoing directives will be dismissed as a witness, and all testimony submitted by such witness will be stricken from the record. (AE)0
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