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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 1/11/1990
Date Closed: 10/3/1991
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10/17/1991Certificate No. 81868-I issued.0
10/03/1991Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
09/20/1991Shipper's verified statement; Econco/Chuck Hanes, president, filed by J. Alden.0
09/20/1991Shipper's verified statement; Saum Family Farms/Lois Saum, owner, filed by J. Alden.0
09/20/1991Shipper's verified statement; Clear Creek Screw Machine Co./ Georgia Bartram, owner, filed by J. Alden.0
09/20/1991Applicant's verified statement; Superior Express Service, Inc./Donald R. Hallman, chairman of the board, filed by J. Alden.0
08/06/1991Protest withdrawn on behalf of TNT Holland Motor Express, Inc. by D. Turano.0
07/12/1991Second Amended Exhibit 4 filed on behalf of applicant by J. Alden.0
07/12/1991(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property from and to points in Amanda, Clear Creek, Madison, Hocking and Berne Townships, Fairfield County, Ohio (except points in the Lancaster, Ohio Commercial Zone existing February 1, 1989). RESTRICTED AGAINST the transportation of: (1) household goods, office furniture and fixtures; (2) house trailers and mobile homes and furnishings; (3) cash letters, audit and accounting media, and banking documents; (4) oil and gas field equipment; (5) property in tank and hopper vehicles; (6) shipments in armored vehicles; (7) the use of carry-all, lowboy, flatbed and low side trailers; (8) commodities usually transported in dump trucks and unloaded by dumping; (9) livestock; (10) packages, parcels or articles weighing 70 pounds or less; (11) vehicles equipped with mechanical refrigeration; and (12) entertainment equipment, props, clothing, scenery, musical instruments, and other equipment used by bands, orchestras, shows and other entertainment enterprises. RESTRICTED AGAINST service from and to the Columbus Commercial Zone existing June 1, 1989; points in said townships that lie on or directly accessible from U.S. 22, U.S. 33, State Routes 158, 188, and 256, Lithopolis-Winchester Road, Lithopolis Road and State Route 37 between Lancaster and the Fairfield/Perry County Line.0
07/02/1991Entry ordering that applicants should file an amended authority description, request a hearing date, or other- wise move forward within 30 days of the date of this entry; failure to comply with this directive will be grounds for dismissal. (AE)0
08/27/1990Protest withdrawn on behalf of The United States Cargo & Courier Service Incorporated by B. Ferris.0
06/28/1990Letter stating that the amended authority description submitted by counsel for applicant does not satisfy the interest of TNT Holland and they wish to maintain their protest, filed by D. Turano.0
06/25/1990Protest withdrawn on behalf of T. C. Spires, Inc. by L. Witherspoon.0
06/15/1990Protest withdrawn on behalf of U.S. Truck Company, Inc. by C. Valentine, Jr.0
06/15/1990Protest withdrawn on behalf of Universal Am-Can Ltd. by C. Valentine, Jr.0
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Fenlon,Mary K.