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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: UNC-Unclassified
Date Opened: 3/3/1989
Date Closed: 4/4/1991
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04/12/1991Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 1, 1st title page; 1st page 1, original page 2, original page 3, original page 4, original page 5; 1st page 6, 1st page 7, 1st page 8, 1st page 9, 1st page 10, 1st page 11, 1st page 12, 1st page 13, 1st page 14, 1st page 15, 1st page 16, 1st page 17, 1st page 18, original page 18.8, original page 18.2, original page 18.3, 1st page 19, 1st page 20, 1st page 21, 1st page 22, 1st page 23, 1st page 24, 1st page 25; Price List - page 1, filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.0
04/04/1991Finding & Order granting ICN authority to provide intra- state, inter-exchange, microwave telecommunications services in the counties listed. (89-375-TP-ACE); authorizing Certificate No. 74 be amended as requested. (89-376-RC-AAC); approving revisions to service tariffs filed 3/28/89 (89-377-RC-UNC); and the interconnection agreements between ICN & Ohio Bell in Case Nos. 89-1729-RC-AIA, 89-1730-RC-AIA, and 89-1731-RC-AIA shall be in effect for the expanded service area.0
03/14/1991Proofs of publication filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim. (Belmont, Jefferson, Lawrence, and Washington Counties)0
03/08/1991Response filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.0
02/06/1991Entry ordering that applicant submit the additional information referenced in Finding (2) within 30 days of the date of this entry; that applicant cause publication of legal notice in accordance with Finding (4) by 2/28/91 and present proof of publication to the Commission by 3/15/91; unless the Commission receives a written statement objecting to the granting of the application in 89-377 for good cause shown by 3/15/91, this matter will be decided on the basis of the information contained in the application. (AE)0
05/23/1990Affidavit of Francis J. Heaton filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.0
08/30/1989Notarized Affidavit in substitution of the one filed 8/28/89 filed by B. Ferris on behalf applicant.0
08/28/1989Documents filed on behalf of applicant by B. Ferris as Appendix 1 thru 6, explanation, description, tariff and financial information.0
08/22/1989Entry granting ICN until 8/28/89, to submit the information requested by 7/19/89. (AE)0
08/17/1989Motion for extension fo time and memorandum in support filed D. Griem on behalf of applicant.0
07/19/1989Entry ordering ICN submit the additional information as requested to the Commission within 30 days of the date of this Entry. (AE)0
03/16/1989Revised application and exhibit pages filed by D. Griem on behalf of applicant. (filed 3/3/89)0
03/03/1989Application of Independent Cellular Network, Inc. to amend exisitng tariff.0
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Jennings, L. Douglas