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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 10/15/1986
Date Closed: 12/16/1987
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Date FiledSummaryPages
02/01/1990Returned from supreme court.0
08/08/1988Supreme Court Transmittal Papers. (S.C. No. 88-1225)0
07/13/1988Supreme Court transmittal papers. (SC Nos. 88-1064 and 88-1065)0
07/08/1988Matrix comparison supplements, filed by R. Ziegler on behalf of applicant.0
07/08/1988Notice of Appeal filed by G. James Van Heyde on behalf of OCC. (S.C. 88-1225)0
06/21/1988Response letter filed by Governor Celeste to Council Rick Johnson, pertaining to the rate increase of applicant.0
06/13/1988Notice of appeal filed on behalf of the Senior Citizens Coalition, Greater Cleveland Welfare Rights Organization, Inc., Low Income People Together and the Western Reserve Alliance by J. Meissner. ( S.C. No. 88-1065)0
06/13/1988Notice of appeal filed on behalf of the City of Cleveland by C. Glazer and W. Gruber. (S.C. No. 88-1064)0
05/13/1988Praecipe filed by A. Buchmann on behalf of applicant.0
05/13/1988Certificate of Service filed by A. Buchmann on behalf of applicant.0
05/13/1988Notice of Appeal filed by A. Buchmann of on behalf of applicant. (S.C. No. 88-870)0
05/10/1988Entry denying application for rehearing filed by CEI.0
05/06/1988Letter filed by Kenneth R. Gaunter, Jr., on behalf of Madison Township Lake County, requesting the Commission to deny the proposed rate increase of applicant.0
05/06/1988Letter filed by L. Bell on behalf of intervenor, IEC.0
05/04/1988Supreme Court Transmittal Papers sent over to the supreme court for following supreme court numbers. (sent over 5/2/88) 88-612 88-647 88-651 88-657 88-7370
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Duffy, Paul