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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACO-Application to change ownership
Date Opened: 8/25/1986
Date Closed: 3/24/1987
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Date FiledSummaryPages
04/03/1987Permit No. 62392 issued.0
03/24/1987Temporary Operating Permit No. 62392 issued.0
03/24/1987Order granting application with compliances due in 60 days.0
03/10/1987Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith.0
02/18/1987Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days (AE)0
02/03/1987Protest withdrawn on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corporation by G. Wadkowski.0
02/02/1987Letter filed by G. Wadkowski on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corp., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
01/26/1987Letter filed by B. Ferris on behalf of R & L Transfer, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
01/21/1987Application for temporary authority filed by G. Trachsel on behalf of applicant.0
01/21/1987Verified statements of applicant and shipper filed by G. Trachsel.0
01/20/1987Letter filed by J. Stiverson on behalf of Suburban Motor Freight, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
01/16/1987Protest withdrawn on behalf of Matlack, Inc. by E. Merwin.0
01/14/1987Amended Exhibit a filed on behalf of the applicant by G. Trachsel.0
01/14/1987(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of salt, salt materials, salt substitutes, and salt mixtures, between points in Ohio. Restricted to the transportation of truckload shipments having no more than three stops in transit. Restricted against the transportation of bulk commodities.0
11/12/1986Protest withdrawn on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corporation filed by G. Wadkowski.0
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