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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 6/11/1986
Date Closed: 3/31/1987
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04/20/1987Certificate No. 62833-I issued, Last Compliance 4/10/87.0
03/31/1987Opinion & Order granting application with compliances due in 60 days.0
03/02/1987Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith.0
02/13/1987Letter filed by C. Valentine, Jr., on behalf of CPS Delivery, Inc. and Quick Air Freight, Inc., requesting protests be withdrawn.0
02/05/1987Amended Exhibit 4, filed on behalf of applicant.0
02/05/1987(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property from and to points in Polk Township, Crawford County, Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST; l) The transportation of property from and to points in Galion, Ohio as the boundaries existed June 20, 1986, except where otherwise authorized. Transportation of property from and to points on and west of State Route 598 within six miles of North Robinson, Ohio, except where otherwise authorized. 2) Transportation of petroleum and petroleum rpoducts in tank vehicles; rpoperty requiring transportation in low, heavy-duty trailers; transportation of commodities from and to the plant site of National Lime & Stone Company; Transportation of commodities in bulk in tank and hopper vehicles. 3) Transportation of packages, parcels or articles of 70 pounds or less, except exposed picture films, shipments in armored vehicles and cash letters, audit and accounting media, film, business records and legal documents). 4) Transportation of shipments consisting of one lot of freight, of 200 pounds or less, tendered to the carrier by one consignor at one origin at one time for delivery to one consignee at one destination on one bill of lading on any one day, in a straight truck (except for cash letters; commercial paper; audit and accounting media; impressions, models and bites, articulators and dentures and related to restorative dentistry; opthalmic goods; exposed and/or processed color or black and white camera film or prints and major household appliances).0
01/08/1987Letter filed by S. Oliver on behalf of Sigel's Hauling, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
12/30/1986Shipper verified statement; Warren Miller, Owner, Miller Paint & Wallpaper, filed on behalf of applicant.0
12/30/1986Shipper verified statement; Tony Lavati, President, Lavati Chev-Buick, Inc., filed on behalf of applicant.0
12/30/1986Applicant's verified statement; Carl Schaefer, III, Owner.0
12/30/1986Shipper verified statement; Jim Moore, Owner, Jim's Mower Sales filed on behalf of applicant. (filed 12-30-86)0
12/19/1986Letter filed by D. Turano on behalf of Holland Motor Express, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.a0
12/18/1986Letter filed by E. Merwin, requesting Susan M. Pierce be reflected as Attorney for Protestant Dearman Transportation Co., Inc.0
12/18/1986Letter filed by E. Merwin, with Mr. James Duvall, attorney for Central Transport, Inc. and General Highway Express, Inc permission to withdraw protests.0
12/18/1986Letter filed by S. Pierce on behalf of Dearman Transporta- tion Co., Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
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