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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 3/10/1986 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 6/2/1987
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Date FiledSummaryPages
06/30/1987Certificate No. 63572-I issued.0
06/02/1987Opinion and Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
04/23/1987Attorney examiner report filed/ granted forthwith.0
04/09/1987Verified statement of Thomas M. Hummer Vice President and Director of Traffic of Jones Transfer Company, filed by M. Spurlock.0
04/02/1987Letter filed by J. A. Kundtz on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corporation, requesting protest be withdrawn.0
02/24/1987Letter filed by D. Turano on behalf of Holland Motor Express, Inc. and Putnam Transfer & Storage Co., requesting protests be withdrawn.0
02/23/1987Letter filed by E. Merwin, requesting the protests filed on behalf of his clients may be withdrawn.0
02/18/1987(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property from and to Brimfield Township, Portage County, Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST the transportation of household goods, office furniture and fixtures; petroleum and petroleum products, in bulk, in tank vehicles; articles, which by reason of size or weight, require the use of special equipment to load, transport or unload; building materials on flatbed equipment, and bulk commodities in dump vehicles. FURTHER RESTRICTED AGAINST service from and to the Ravenna, Ohio commercial zone as it existed on March 20, 1986, except as otherwise authorized.0
02/18/1987Amended Exhibit 4 filed on behalf of Jones Transfer Co. by M. Spurlock.0
01/09/1987Entry scheduling hearing be set for Wednesday, February 4, 1987 at 9:30 a.m. in the 11th floor hearing room area at Commission offices. (AE)0
05/14/1986Proof of Publication filed by M. Spurlock on behalf of the applicant.0
04/17/1986Protest filed on behalf of Lee Way Holding Company by D. Turano0
04/17/1986Protest filed on behalf of Putnam Transfer & Storage Co. by D. Turano0
04/17/1986Petition to Intervene filed by D. Turano, on behalf of Lee Way Holding Company, f/k/a Commercial Lovelace Motor Freight, Inc. and Holland Motor Express, Inc.0
04/17/1986Protest filed on behalf of Holland Motor Express, Inc. by D. Turano0
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