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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 1/28/1986
Date Closed: 9/16/1986
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09/26/1986Certificate No. 60271-I issued, Last Compliance 9/19/86.0
09/15/1986Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
08/21/1986Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith.0
08/03/1986Letter filed by L. Witherspoon on behalf of Tri-County Delivery. Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
07/31/1986Letter filed by B. Ferris on behalf of The United States Cargo & Courier Service, Inc., requesting protest be with- drawn.0
07/24/1986Temporary operating authority on Certificate No. 60271-I, Last Compliance 7-17-86.0
06/30/1986Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days.0
06/24/1986Verified statement of shipper; Jude Blasko (DHL Worldwide Express) filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant.0
06/24/1986General Text0
06/24/1986Verified statement of shipper; Susan Julian (Graphic Service Company) filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant.0
06/24/1986Verified statement of shipper; Kristine Flasco (Group 2 Advertising, Inc.) filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant0
06/24/1986Verified statement of shipper; Ronald Smith ( Insta Copy) filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant.0
06/24/1986Applicant's verified statement; Bob Metro, Vice President on behalf of applicant.0
06/16/1986Application for temporary authority filed on behalf of Professional Courier International, Inc. dba Professional Delivery & Courier by E. Merwin.0
06/02/1986(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property from and to Youngstown, Ohio. RESTRICTED; l. To the transportation of packages, parcels and articles not exceeding 100 pounds with such shipments being delivered on the same day as picked up. 2. Against the transportation of currency, coins, checks, securities and other valuables in armored vehicles and cash letters audit and accounting media and film. 3. Against handling shipmentss from retail stores to customers; shipments of 75 pounds or less from wholesale distributing companies to customers and retailers; and shipments from wholesale distributing companies to retail agents at their homes. 4. To the use of step-vans, econoline type vans, pickup trucks, stationwagons and automobiles. 5. Against the use of straight trucks equipment with power lift gates.0
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Sheets, Kerry