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Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: RDR-Application to establish tariff riders that do not have another specific code.
Date Opened: 5/31/2011
Date Closed: 3/1/2021
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03/01/2021Case Action Form closing case with an effective date of 02/26/21 electronically filed by Kelli C. King on behalf of Sarah J. Parrot, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.2
11/17/2014Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel electronically filed by Mrs. Tonnetta Y Scott on behalf of Mr. Devin D Parram.3
09/16/2013Notice of withdrawal of Counsel submitted by Assistant Attorney General Stephen A. Reilly on behalf of the Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. electronically filed by Kimberly L Keeton on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.8
12/05/2012Correspondence with change of address for Whitt Sturtevant, LLP filed by M. Whitt.2
08/20/2012Notification of Withdrawal of Melissa Thompson for the above-referenced cases filed by Andrew J. Campbell. 1
02/03/2012Letter stating of a change of address and firm affiliation for Mark A. Whitt, Christopher T. Kennedy and Melissa L. Thompson for each of the above referenced cases filed by M. Whitt.2
10/27/2011Pursuant to the October 26, 2011 Opinion and Order in Case No. 11-3238-GA-RDR. Pipleline Infrastructure Replacement (PIR) Cost Recovery Charge tariff (Fourth Revised Sheet No. PIR 1) filed by Melissa L. Thompson on behalf of The East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion East Ohio. 2
10/26/2011Service Notice2
10/26/2011Opinion and Order that the stipulation filed in this proceeding be approved and adopted.8
10/18/2011Transcript of The East Ohio Gas Company hearing held on 10/12/11 electronically filed by Mrs. Jennifer Duffer on behalf of Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and Spencer, Michael O. Mr.15
10/12/2011Stipulation and recommendation filed by M. Thompson on behalf of The East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion East Ohio, by L. Sauer on behalf of OCC and PUCO Staff.5
10/03/2011Statement informing the Commission whether the issues raised in the comments have been resolved filed by Melissa Thompson on behalf of the East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion East Ohio. 3
09/26/2011Comments on the Application of the East Ohio Gas Company DBA Dominion East Ohio by the office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel filed by Larry Sauer. 11
09/26/2011Staff Comments and Recommendations filed by Stephen Reilly on Behalf of the Staff of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. 8
09/20/2011Tariff pages are being provided to supplement and replace Exhibit B attached to the application to adjust pipeline Infrastructure replacement program cost recovery charge filed by The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a Dominion East Ohio ("DEO") on August 31, 2011 filed by M. Thompson .3
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Attorney General:
Parram, Devin
Attorney Examiner:
Stenman, Katie