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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: AIS-Application to issue stocks/securities
Date Opened: 4/15/2005
Date Closed: 6/1/2005
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06/01/2005Finding and Order, ordered, that the Commission orders dated February 8, and February 22, 1996, in Case No. 95-1063-EL-AIS, be amended and supplemented to authorize The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company and The Toledo Edison Company to (1) enter into an amended and restated receivable purchase agreement between CFC and applicants, (2) enter into a Loan and Servicing Agreement among CFC applicants, (iii) eliminate the trust structure by terminating the PSA, as set forth in the application and exhibits, that in all other respects, the Commission Orders dated February 8, and February 22, 1996 in Case No. 95-1063-EL-AIS, shall remain in full force and effect.3
06/01/2005Service Notice1
05/26/2005Additional information filed by R. Soilla.1
05/24/2005Draft of the Loan and Servicing Agreement and Amended and Restated Receivables Purchase Agreement filed on behalf of FirstEnergy Corp. by C. Davis.144
04/25/2005Executed Supplemental Pooling and Service Agreement, Receivables Purchase Agreement and Certificate Purchase Agreement filed on behalf of FirstEnergy Corp.by C. Davis. (Part 1 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 10 of 10)154
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 9 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 8 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 7 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 6 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 5 of 10)200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 4 of 10).200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 3 of 10).200
04/25/2005Agreement continued. (Part 2 of 10).200
04/15/2005In the matter of the joint application of The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. and the Toledo Edison Company for authority to enter into further transactions relating to the securitization of receivables generated by the sale of electricity.162
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