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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 1/18/2005
Date Closed:
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01/09/2006Revised Sheet No. 83, Rider OET, Ohio Excise Tax Rider and Sheet No. 90, Rate RTP, Real Time Pricing Program, filed on behalf of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company by D. Rottinghaus.6
12/23/2005Revised tariff sheets of Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company PUCO Electric No. 19 in compliance with Commission order filed by D. Rottinghaus.122
12/22/2005Transcript held on Monday, December 5, 2005 before Jeanne Kingery, Hearing Examiner.8
12/21/2005Opinion and order adopting in its entirety the stipulation presented; that the application of CG&E for authority to increase its rates and charges for service be granted; that CG&E is authorized to file in final form four complete, printed copies of tariff and to cancel and withdraw its superseded tariffs, also to update its tariff previously filed electronically; that the effective date of the new tariffs shall be a date not earlier than both January 1, 2006 and the new tariffs shall be effective for service rendered on or after such effective date; that CG&E's proposed customer notice be approved and that CG&E be directed to send that notice to customers in accordance with this opinion and order; that case 05-230-EL-ATA, 05-231-GA-ATA, 05-232-EL-AAM, 05-233-GA-AAM, 05-234-EL-UNC and 05-235-GA-UNC be dismissed and closed of record and that a copy of this order be placed in the docket of each of such cases.12
12/21/2005Service notice.4
12/20/2005Notice of change of address filed by M. Dortch on behalf of CCB Ohio, LLC.7
12/15/2005Revise PUCO Electric No.19 filed by D. Rottinghaus on behalf of The Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company.5
12/15/2005Letter with the language for the bill insert filed by A. Schafer on behalf of Cinergy Services, Inc.(original)3
12/14/2005Proof of Publication Hamilton County filed by A. Schafer2
12/14/2005Letter for Bill Insert for a rate increase filed by A. Schafer on behalf of Cinergy. (FAX)3
12/09/2005Tariffs in accord with the Stipulation which was docketed on Dec. 6, 2005 and the filing of the missing Stipulation Attachment III on Dec.7, 2005 filed on behalf of Cinergy Services by A. Schafer.129
12/07/2005Letter informing that CCB Ohio, Inc. dba Current Communications will take no position concerning the stipulation as the basis for a settlement filed by M. Dortch.1
12/07/2005Letter stating that an attachment was omitted from the stipulation and recommendation filed on 12/6/05 and is submitted with this filing, filed by T. Lindgren on behalf of Attorney General Public Utilities Section.2
12/06/2005Stipulation and recommendation filed by P. Colbert on behalf of Cincinnati Gas & Electric.16
11/25/2005Entry ordering that OEG's late-filed testimony be accepted; that OEG's interlocutory appeal be deemed moot and, therefore, not certified to the Commission. (J.K)4
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Attorney General:
Jones, John
Lindgren, Thomas
Wright, William
Attorney Examiner:
Kingery, Jeanne