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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: WS-WATER & SEWER
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 1/31/2003
Date Closed: 1/31/2005
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01/31/2005Letter to the Commission stating the completion of mailing the required customer notice filed on behalf of Water & Sewer, LLC by B. Royer.1
01/10/2005First revised sheet No. 1, section 2 of its tariff, PUCO No. 2, cancels and withdraws original sheet No.1, section3, which is superceded by first revised sheet No. 1 filed by B. Royer on behalf of Water and Sewer LLC.2
01/06/2005Service Notice2
01/05/2005Entry ordering that applicant's proposed customer notice be approved.2
12/16/2004Revised Rate Schedule(proposed PUCO No.2, Section 2, first Revised Sheet No.1) filed by B. Royer on behalf Water and Sewer LLC.3
12/01/2004Entry stating that the application for rehearing is granted in part and denied in part; that Water and Sewer submit a proposed customer notice , when it files its tariffs for approval.8
12/01/2004Service Notice2
11/24/2004Tariff, PUCO No.2, cancels and withdraws, supersedes tariff PUCO No.1 filed by B. Royer on behalf of Water and Sewer LLC.39
11/23/2004Entry stating that the effective date of the new tariffs be filed; that applicant immediately commence mailing Company's Notice of the increase in rates to its customers by special mailing.The applicant shall notify the Commission in writing upon competion of the mailing.2
11/23/2004Service Notice2
11/15/2004Proposed new tariff and a proposed customer notice filed by B. Royer on behalf of Water and Sewer LLC.40
11/05/2004Application for rehearing and memorandum in support filed by B. Royer on behalf of Water and Sewer LLC.29
10/06/2004Service Notice2
10/06/2004Opinion and Order stating that motion to strike and alternative motion to March 8, 2003 be denied; that staff's motion to strike and alternative motion to reopen filed March 8, 2004 be granted; that all objections and motions not specifically discussed in this opinion and order, or rendered moot thereby, are overruled and denied.34
09/09/2004Memorandum Contra staff motion to strike portions of Water and Sewer LLC response filed on behalf of Water and Sewer LLC by B. Royer.7
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Attorney General:
Hammerstein, Anne
Margard III, Werner
Attorney Examiner: