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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: HT-HEATING
Purpose Code: AEC-Application to revise or cancel a contract
Date Opened: 10/24/2002
Date Closed:
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08/15/2006Interruptible steam service agreement filed by S. Howard on behalf of Cleveland Thermal Steam Distribution, LLC.9
12/28/2004Letter requesting that the new name of Cleveland Thermal Steam Distribution, LLC be substituted for Dominion Cleveland Steam distribution, LLC and Dominion Cleveland Thermal in the applications, supplemental applications and contracts contained in 02-2758-HT-AEC (standard service contract), 02-2759-HT-AEC (BOMA) contracts, 02-2760-HT-AEC )interruptible contracts), 04-255-HT-AEC (new load agreements) and 04-1788-HT-AEC (hotel steam service agreement, also 04-6014-HT-TRF filed by S. Howard on behalf of Cleveland Thermal Chilled Water Distribution and Cleveland Thermal Steam Distribution, LLC.2
12/02/2004Letter stating that on November 30, 2004 a Supplemental Application for Approval of an Interruptible Steam Service Agreements with IPC McDonald Properties, LLC that was filed in 04-2672-HT-AEC; on October 17, 2004 Interruptible Steam Service Agreement with Caxton Building -Property Operations, Inc. in 01-2672, both of these Agreements should have been filed in this case and are now being filed, filed by S. Howard on behalf of Dominion Cleveland Steam Distribution, LLC.23
02/25/2004Agreements for Interruptible Steam Service between Dominion Cleveland Thermal, LLC and Lane City Centre; Dominion and Thirteenth Street Company filed by S. Howard.22
11/25/2003Finding and order, ordering that the Agreements attached to the application are approved.4
11/25/2003Service Notice1
12/10/2002Letter on behalf of Dominion Cleveland Thermal, LLC, requests that the Commission approve this interruptible agreement and reaffirm the request in its 10/24/02 application, filed by S. Howard.12
10/24/2002In the matter of the application of Dominion Cleveland Thermal, LLC for approval of interruptible Steam Service Agreements.23
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