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Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: COI-Commission inquiry
Date Opened: 7/10/2000
Date Closed: 8/12/2016
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Date FiledSummaryPages
08/12/2016Case Action Form electronically filed by Michelle A. Green on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.2
03/13/2015Correspondence in Response to Commission Order to file results of relief implementation meeting electronically filed by Ms. Kimberly D. Miller on behalf of Neustar, Inc.24
01/14/2015Service Notice28
01/14/2015Entry ordering the telecommunications industry comply with the rollout of the 380" NPA, as well as the corresponding commencement of mandatory ten-digit/eleven digit local dialing in the "614" and "380" NPAs in accordance with Finding (3). 3
04/17/2013Notification of intent to retain NPA oversight authority filed by W. Wright on Behalf of Attorney General's office.4
08/28/2002Notice of substitution of counsel filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio and TCG Ohio by D. Trabaris.1
03/15/2002Service Notice.72
03/14/2002Entry scheduling a workshop at 1:00 p.m. on March 26, 2002, Hearing Room 11C, Commission offices; that the rollout of the "283" and "380" NPAs, as well as the corresponding commencement of mandatory ten-digit/eleven-digit local dialing in the "513" and "614" NPAs is indefinitely suspended in accordance with Finding 3; that the Commission staff notify the NOrth America Numbering Plan Administrator of the suspension of the "513" and "614" NPA overlays, as well as the delay in related dialing patters.6
07/27/2001Customer Communications Plan for the Ohio 614/380 Area Code Overlay, filed on behalf of Cingular Wireless by M. Mulcahy.7
06/12/2001Proof of publication filed. (Licking County)2
05/17/2001Opinion & Order that staff should submit the overlay plan to the NANPA for approval; that, upon NANPA approval, all NXX code holders presently serving the "614" NPA should pursue the overlay plan as directed in this order; that all telephone companies in the "614" NPA implement ten-and eleven-digit local call dialing in accordance with the time frames stated in this order; that staff docket evidence of final NANPA approval of the overlay plan; that by June 18, 2001, all "614" NPA code holders submit their overlay consumer education plans to the Commission's consumer education staff; that all telephone companies update their directory service databases and directories in accordance with this order; that all local companies should work with the 9-1-1 systems currently in the "614" NPA to assist with any transition resulting from the implementation of the overlay plan.13
05/10/2001Correspondence letter regarding the 614 area code filed by Jim Rennie. (FAX)1
02/21/2001Transcript filed for hearing held 2/7/01, (JJ) (DJ), 21 pgs., Submitted. (Volume II) (PUCO-Columbus, OH)21
02/21/2001Transcript filed for hearing held 2/7/01, (DJ), 42 pgs., Continued. (Volume I) (PUCO-Columbus, OH)42
02/07/2001Correspondence letter supporting the overlay plan for placing a new area code into the existing 614 area code, filed by James McGregor, Mayor of Gahanna.1
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Attorney General:
Attorney Examiner:
Jennings, L. Douglas