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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 7/7/2000
Date Closed: 6/6/2001
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Date FiledSummaryPages
06/06/2001Entry closing this case of record.2
06/06/2001Service Notice.2
10/10/2000Letter stating Ameritech will not be filing cost/revenue studies for this case filed by S. Rawlings. (1 pg)1
10/10/2000Information response of Ameritech Ohio. Filed by C. Rawlings (75 pgs)75
10/04/2000Motion for case consolidation and memorandum in support filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by C. Raw- lings. (5 pgs.)5
09/22/2000Affidavit of Verizon Select Services Inc. filed by P. Heise de Barros. (3 pgs.)3
09/08/2000Affidavit of James Abbott (4 pgs)4
09/08/2000Answer of Ameritech Ohio filed by C. Rawlings.3
09/05/2000Affidavit of Kim Wright filed on behalf of Sprint Communi- cations K. Wright. (2 pgs.)2
08/23/2000Affidavit filed on behalf of LCI International Telecom Corp. dba Qwest Communications Services, filed by S. Vishab.2
08/22/2000Affidavit of Stefanie Vishab filed on behalf of LCI Inter- national Telecom Corp. by S. Vishab. (2 pgs.)2
08/07/2000Entry ordering that Ameritech shall file its answer with the Commission and serve a copy upon the spokesperson for the complainants; that AT&T, WorldCom, Qwest, GTE Corp., and Sprint Communications provide the information as required by Finding 4; that AT&T, Worldcom, Qwest, GTE Corp., and Sprint Communications file an affidavit, as required by Finding 5, with the Commission; that Ameritech coordinate all calling information in accordance with Finding 6 and ensure that all the IXCs are supplying calling data from the same time frame; that Ameritech provide the information required by Finding 7 and Finding 8 to the spokesperson and the Commis- sion; scheduling a conference at a date and time to be later ordered. (AE) (8 pgs.)8
07/07/2000In the matter of Doris Ferguson vs. Ameritech. Filed by Doris Ferguson (19 pgs)19
07/07/2000In the matter of the petition of Doris Ferguson and Numerous other subscribers of the Medway Exchange of Ameritech Ohio, relative to a request for EAS between the Medway and Enon Exchanges of Ameritech Ohio.20
07/07/2000In the matter of the petition of Doris Ferguson and subscribers of the 849 and 845 exchanges of Ameritech for extended area service to the 864 exchange of Ameritech Ohio.20
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Farkas, Scott