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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 1/31/2000
Date Closed: 5/3/2001
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03/26/2002Letter stating that Sprint has complied with the Commission's May 3 Finding 7 Order as amended by the subsequent Entry in Case No. 00-127-TP-COI et al. and therefore, this case should be closed, filed by B. Donahue. (FILED 3/22/02)2
05/09/2001Service Notice.2
05/03/2001Finding & Order approving the stipulation in its entirety; that the request for EAS between Versailles and Fort Loramie is dismissed; that two-way, UCLCP be instituted between the Versailles and Fort Loramie exchange of Sprint as soon as practicable and, in any event, within 12 months from the date of this order.5
11/28/2000Stipulation, agreement and recommendation filed on behalf of complainant by T. Daugherty; and respondent, United Telephone Company of Ohio dba Sprint, by J. Stewart.12
10/23/2000Correspondence letter supporting the petition, filed by J. Jordan, Ohio House of Representatives.1
10/18/2000Proof of Publication filed. (1 pg.) (Darke County)1
10/17/2000Proof of Publication filed. 1
10/17/2000Proof of Publication filed. (2 pgs.) (Shelby County)2
10/10/2000Proof of publication (Daily Advocate) filed (1 pg)1
10/04/2000Testimony of Rebecca J. Donahue filed on behalf of respon- dent, United Telephone Company of Ohio dba Sprint, by B. Donahue. (7 pgs.)7
09/20/2000Legal Notice faxed to: Greenville Daily Advocate (Darke Co.) and Sidney Daily News (Shelby Co.).5
09/14/2000Entry scheduling a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on October 17, 2000, Russia, Ohio; any person or entity requesting intervention do so by October 2, 2000. (AE)3
06/01/2000Information response filed on behalf of respondent, United Telephone Company of Ohio dba Sprint, by B. Donahue. (45 pgs.)45
05/09/2000Affidavit of Stephanie Vishab filed on behalf of LCI International Telecom Corp. by S. Vishab.2
05/04/2000Affidavit fo James Abbot filed on behalf of AT&T Communica- tions of Ohio by J. Abbott. (4 pgs.)4
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Lesser, Steven