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Case Title: Amendment Ohio Adm.Code Chapters 4901:1-10 Electric Companies and 4901:1-21 Competitive Retail Electric Providers to Implement 2014 Sub.S.B. No 310
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 8/15/2014
Date Closed:
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05/27/2016Notice of withdrawal of Counsel and Designation of New Counsel of Record electronically filed by Mr. Michael J. Settineri on behalf of Retail Energy Supply Association.5
04/07/2016Notice of Withdrawal and Substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Rebekah J. Glover on behalf of Direct Energy Services, LLC and Direct Energy Business, LLC.3
12/09/2015Service Notice6
12/09/2015Entry ordering that EDUs and CRES providers comply with the directives in Finding (5).3
10/19/2015Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel of Michael J. Schuler by The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Deb J. Bingham on behalf of Mrs. Maureen R Willis.3
10/02/2015Notice Substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Danielle M. Ghiloni on behalf of OMAEG and Trebel, LLC and EMC Development Company and MP2 Energy NE, LLC and Time Warner Cable Information Services (Ohio) and Time Warner Cable Business.3
08/27/2015Letter of Notification of Withdrawal and Substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Jennifer L. Spinosi on behalf of Direct Energy Business, LLC and Direct Energy Services, LLC.3
08/26/2015Service Notice6
08/26/2015Third Entry on Rehearing ordered that the second application for rehearing filed by ELPC be denied.5
08/10/2015Memorandum Contra Second Application for Rehearing electronically filed by Ms. Carrie M Dunn on behalf of The Toledo Edison Company and The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company and Ohio Edison Company.5
08/10/2015Memorandum Contra to the Environmental Law & Policy Center’s Second Application for Rehearing electronically filed by Mr. Matthew R. Pritchard on behalf of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio.12
07/31/2015Second Application for Rehearing and Memorandum in Support by the Environmental Law & Policy Center electronically filed by Madeline Fleisher on behalf of Environmental Law and Policy Center.11
07/01/2015Service Notice5
07/01/2015Second Entry on Rehearing ordered, that the applications for rehearing filed by DP& L and RESA be granted to the extent set for herein; the application for rehearing of OMAEG be granted, in part, and denied, in part, as set forth herein and the application for rehearing by Environmental Groups be denied as set forth herein.13
04/24/2015Request to a Keenia Joseph and Christina Gelo to the Service List in the above referenced case numbers. filed by Christina Gelo.1
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Willey Chiles, Mandy