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Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: AEC-Application to revise or cancel a contract
Date Opened: 2/17/2009
Date Closed:
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09/03/2014Notice of Substitution of Counsel of Joel Sechler for Mallory Mohler electronically filed by Ms. Cheryl A. Smith on behalf of The Ohio Manufacturers' Association.3
03/28/2014Notice of withdrawal of Joseph E. Oliker filed by F. Darr on behalf of McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC.4
11/13/2013Service Notice9
11/13/2013Entry on rehearing ordered, That the application for rehearing filed by OCC be denied. 6
11/07/2013Updated information filed by M. Grady on behalf of OCC.1
11/01/2013Application for Rehearing by the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Deb J. Bingham on behalf of Berger, Tad Mr.18
10/30/2013Service Notice9
10/30/2013Entry ordered that Ormet's motion filed on October 22, 2013, be granted.7
10/24/2013Memorandum in Opposition to Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation's Motion and Request for Expedited Ruling electronically filed by Mr. Steven T Nourse on behalf of Ohio Power Company.65
10/22/2013 Motion and memorandum in support of Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation and Request for Expedited Ruling electronically filed by Ms. Emma F Hand on behalf of Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation.10
10/15/2013Notice of substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly W. Bojko on behalf of Ohio Manufacturers' Association.3
10/15/2013Notice of withdrawal electronically filed by Teresa Orahood on behalf of J. Thomas Siwo, Bricker & Eckler LLP.3
10/08/2013Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel electronically filed by M. Howard Petricoff on behalf of Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation.2
10/03/2013Service Notice8
10/03/2013Attorney Examiner Entry grants Ormet's motion for protective order and orders the Commission's docketing division to maintain, under seal, the confidential portion of Ormet Exhibit 3, Exhibit MDT-5 for a period of 18 months. - electronically filed by Sandra Coffey on behalf of Sarah Parrot, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio6
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Attorney General:
McNamee, Thomas
Attorney Examiner:
Parrot, Sarah