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2019 Cases with Industry Code "AU" MORE THAN TWO UTILITIES (11 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
19-0001-AU-RPTIn the Matter of the Annual Reports for the Fiscal Assessment of all Regulated Entities for Calendar Year 201802/06/2019 
19-0052-AU-ORDIn the Matter of the Commission's Review of Chapters 4901:1-17 and 4901:1-18 of the Ohio Administrative Code01/08/2019 
19-0177-AU-PWNCity of Mount Vernon01/25/2019 
19-0431-AU-PWNCITY OF SIDNEY OHIO 02/14/2019 
19-0713-AU-PWNCITY OF HAMILTON03/27/2019 
19-0832-AU-ORDIn the Matter of the Review of the Public Utilities Nominating Council Rules in Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 4901:7-104/08/2019 
19-0834-AU-ORDIn the Matter of the Commission's Review of Chapter 4901:1-3, Ohio Administrative Code, Concerning Access to Poles, Ducts, Conduits, and Right-of Way.04/11/2019 
19-0880-AU-PWNVillage of Byesville Right of Way ordinance04/12/2019 
19-1322-AU-PWNCity of Twinsburg06/13/2019 
19-1357-AU-PWNVillage of Richfield06/25/2019 
19-1362-AU-PWNVillage of Moreland Hills09/11/2019 
19-1937-AU-PWNVillage of Jeffersonville RoW ordinance10/22/2019