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Cases with Industry Code "EL" ELECTRIC,
Purpose Code "BGN" Application for a certificate/ generating station,
and Status "VOID" Case voided (9 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
00-2251-EL-BGNDPL Energ (VOID)11/15/2000 
12-1185-EL-BGNFamily Drug PV04/09/2012 
13-1139-EL-BGNMidwest Energy Center LLC05/06/2013 
14-0511-EL-BGNREC Application03/28/2014 
14-1825-EL-BGNOld Trail School Solar Project10/15/2014 
15-1019-EL-BGNLOGAN LEASE05/26/2015 
17-2455-EL-BGNIn the Matter of the Application of Paulding Wind Farm IV LLC for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to Construct a Wind-Pow12/04/2017 
19-0801-EL-BGNNational Power Cooperative, Inc. and Buckeye Power Inc. 04/04/2019 
19-2108-EL-BGNMinster MINMUN0212/03/2019