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Cases with Industry Code "EL" ELECTRIC,
Purpose Code "ACP" Alternative Energy Compliance,
and Status "VOID" Case voided (30 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
13-0838-EL-ACPPUBLIC POWER04/05/2013 
14-0605-EL-ACPPLYMOUTH ROCK ENERGY 04/11/2014 
14-0670-EL-ACPChampion Energy Services, LLC's Annual Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Report and Plan for Compliance with Future Annual Advanced and Renewable En04/15/2014 
15-0734-EL-ACPIn the Matter of the Annual Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Report and Plan for Compliance with Advanced Renewable Energy Benchmarks of North Amer04/14/2015 
17-0778-EL-ACPOhio Edison Company, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, and The Toledo Edison Company03/16/2017 
17-0879-EL-ACP2016 Annual Alernative Energy Portfolio Status Report03/30/2017 
17-0900-EL-ACPOhio RPS Compliance (16-1591-EL-CRS)03/31/2017 
17-0951-EL-ACPInspire Energy Holdings, LLC RPS Compliance Filing04/10/2017 
17-0952-EL-ACPInspire Energy Holdings, LLC04/10/2017 
17-0971-EL-ACPRPS Compliance Filing Report for 2016 Compliance Year for Aspirity Energy LLC04/12/2017 
17-1006-EL-ACP2016 RPS Compliance Filing - Residents Energy04/13/2017 
17-1218-EL-ACP2017 OH Annual ACP Filing05/09/2017 
18-0586-EL-ACPTenaska Power Management04/06/2018 
18-0587-EL-ACPTenaska Power Management04/06/2018 
18-0663-EL-ACPIn the Matter of the Application of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. For Approval of its Alternative Energy Annual Status Report 04/13/2018 
18-0684-EL-ACPWestern Reserve Energy Services 2018 ACP04/16/2018 
19-0815-EL-ACPOhio Power Company04/04/2019 
19-0817-EL-ACPOhio Power Company04/04/2019 
19-0828-EL-ACPMesser Energy Services, Inc. RPS 2018 Compliance Report04/05/2019 
19-0884-EL-ACPIn the matter of RPS Compliance Report for Calendar Year 2018 filed of Frontier Utilities Northeast, LLC04/12/2019 
19-0908-EL-ACP2018 RPS Compliance04/12/2019 
19-1027-EL-ACPArcher Energy 2018 RPS Compliance Report04/30/2019 
19-1576-EL-ACPAgera Energy LLC08/13/2019 LLC08/13/2019 LLC08/13/2019 
19-1581-EL-ACPEnergy Me LLC08/13/2019 
19-1592-EL-ACPAgera Energy LLC08/18/2019