Cases with Industry Code "EL" ELECTRIC (23160 cases)

AAC -Application to amend a certificate (2 cases)
AAM-Application to change accounting methods (260 cases)
ABN-Application to abandon service (37 cases)
ACA-Abreviated Application for Certificate (1 cases)
ACB-Application to change boundary (2 cases)
ACE-Application for a certificate (8 cases)
ACO-Application to change ownership (1 cases)
ACP-Alternative Energy Compliance (522 cases)
AEC-Application to revise or cancel a contract (1921 cases)
AEM-Application for emerg./ temp./ rate increase (12 cases)
AGG-Certification Application for Aggregators (570 cases)
AIA-Application for interconnection approval (2 cases)
AIR-Application to increase rates (117 cases)
AIS-Application to issue stocks/securities (847 cases)
ARC-Application for relief from curtailment (402 cases)
ARJ-Application for relief from PUCO jurisdiction (3 cases)
ATA-Application for tariff approval (623 cases)
ATR-Application to conduct transactions (42 cases)
ATS-Application To Securitize (2 cases)
BGA-Application to amend a certificate/ generating sta (41 cases)
BGN-Application for a certificate/ generating station (97 cases)
BIN-Study or investigation (2 cases)
BJF-Jurisdictional finding (13 cases)
BLN-letter of notification (622 cases)
BNR-Construction notification report (197 cases)
BRO-Rule promulgation (1 cases)
BSB-Application for a certificate/ substation (23 cases)
BTA-Application to Amend a Certificate/ Gas or Electri (18 cases)
BTX-Application for a Certificate/ Gas or Electric (121 cases)
CIO-Change in Operations (1 cases)
CMR-Complaint on Municipal Rates (54 cases)
COI-Commission inquiry (48 cases)
CRC-Complaint on Rates Charged (9 cases)
CRS-Certification application for the retail (214 cases)
CSS-Complaint on service or safety (1165 cases)
ECP-Environmental compliance plan (40 cases)
EDI-Electronic Data Interchange (9 cases)
EEC-Energy Efficiency Credits (3006 cases)
EFC-Electric fuel component (229 cases)
EFR-Emission Fees Recovery (1 cases)
ESS-Electric Service & Safety (96 cases)
ETP-Electric Transition Plan (9 cases)
FAC-Fuel Adjustment Clause (75 cases)
FAD-Federal activities docket for staff comments (1 cases)
FOR-Forecasting (278 cases)
GAG-Certification Application for governmental aggregators (501 cases)
GRD-SmartGrid and Advance Metering Applications (1 cases)
MER-Application for merger (5 cases)
NAG-Notification of a negotiated agreement (1 cases)
ORD-Administrative order (69 cases)
PEB-Reallocation of electric service territory (263 cases)
PIP-Percentage Income Plan (14 cases)
PWC-Public Way Complaint (4 cases)
RDR-Application to establish tariff riders that do not have another specific code. (239 cases)
REN-Application for a renewable energy certificate (9572 cases)
RSP-Request for Special Permission (7 cases)
SLF-Self Complaint (7 cases)
SSO-Standard Service Offer (19 cases)
TRF-Commission approved final tariffs (8 cases)
UEX-Uncollectible Expenses (12 cases)
UNC-Unclassified (614 cases)
USF-Universal Service Fund (7 cases)
WVR-Request for waiver of rules or order (41 cases)