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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
05/05/1999 Entry ordering that the request of S.H. Lustig to reopen this case is denied. (2 pgs.)
03/30/1999 Motion for the Commission to reopen this case filed by S.H. Lustig. (14 pgs.)
04/11/1996 Finding & Order adopting Chapter 4901:2-8, O.A.C., to be effective on July 1, 1996; that this entry and the attached final rules creating Chapter 4901:2-8, O.A.C., be filed with the Legislative Service Commission and the Secretary of State in accordance with Section 111.15, Revised Code. (16 pgs.)
04/04/1996 Response to the City of Cleveland's objection to the use of I-480 within their municipal boundaries as part of the designated route, filed on behalf of Northeast Ohio Area- wide Coordinating Agency by J. Hruby. (8 pgs.)
04/04/1996 Recommendations for routing through shipments of non-radio- active hazardous materials through The NOACA Area submitted. (172 pgs.)
02/23/1996 Comments filed on behalf of the Neighborhood Environmental Coalition by Rev. S. Carson. (1 pg.) (FILED 2/16/96)
01/10/1996 Reply comments filed on behalf of the City of Cleveland by W. Gruber. (5 pgs.)
12/19/1995 Comments filed on behalf of Research Environmental Indus- tries by P. Matheny. (2 pgs.)
12/14/1995 Proof of Publication filed by L. Nichols. (1 pg.)
12/12/1995 Proof of Publication filed. (Summit County) (3 pgs.)
12/11/1995 Comments filed on behalf of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency by S. H. Lustig. (7 pgs.)
12/11/1995 Comments of The City of Cleveland filed by W. Ondrey Gruber. (8 pgs.)
12/08/1995 Letter requesting that the hazmat proposal apply to only those hazardous materials that are shown in table 1, 49 cfr 172.504 filed on behalf of Eaglebrook Transport of Ohio, Inc. by B. Munn. (1 pg.)
12/05/1995 Letter against passage filed on behalf of The Lyden Hauling Company by P. Lyden. (1 pg.) (filed 12/4/95)
11/22/1995 Proof of Publication filed. (filed 11/21/95) (1 pg.)
11/13/1995 Legal Notices sent to: Plain Dealer (Cuyahoga Co.), Akron- Beacon Journal (Summit Co.) & Sun Newspapers (Cuyahoga Co.) Faxed to the newspapers.
11/09/1995 Entry ordering that a period of thirty days from the date of this entry is established for public comments on the attached proposed rules and that an additional period of thirty days is established for reply comments. (11 pgs.)
09/06/1995 Complaint & Letter sent to: Craig Adhesives. C.R.R.R. Mail #503531. Entry ordering that the staff immediately distribute a copy of the proposed rules to each member of the hazardous materials advisory panel. (8 pgs.)
08/25/1995 In the matter of the adoption of Chapter 4901:2-8 of the Ohio Administrative Code. (1 pg.)