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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/22/1995 Entry ordering that all funds for the installation of the active warning devices installed at the subject crossing be disbursed in accordance with the stipulation and this commi- ssion's prior entries, and that this case is closed. (2pgs)
05/16/1995 Final inspection report of Inspector William A. Mitchell filed by B. Johrendt, PUCO staff. (2 pgs.)
09/07/1994 Entry ordering that the project site plans and cost estimates submitted by the Norfolk & Western Railway Company are approved; that Norfolk & Western Railway complete the project installation not later than nine months from the issuance of this entry. (2 pgs.)
08/17/1994 Memo stating that the PUCO staff has completed the field review for the Half Acre Road, Clemont County project, and they find the plans to be consistent with applicable standards with cautions and adjustments on the attached field report, filed by B. Johrendt, PUCO staff. (3)
07/25/1994 Site plans and estimates for the above mentioned project filed on behalf of C & S, Norfolk Southern Corporation by J.W. Smith.
04/20/1994 Entry approving the stipulation and recommendation submitted by the parties; that the Norfolk & Western Railway Company submit, within 90 days, project site plans and cost es- timates for Commission approval; that the Clermont County board of Commissioners and any other governmental entities having jurisdiction of the roadway at the project crossing be hereby advised of the Commission funding available for supplemental improvements at such crossing as set forth in Finding 4.
04/04/1994 Stipulation and Recommendation filed on behalf of applicant by L. Hale, Jr., M. Dorsey, A. Agler.
11/16/1993 In the matter of a joint request regarding the installation of active warning devices at a Norfolk Southern Grade Crossing on CR 59/Half Acre Road (481-761Y), Clermont County.