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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
08/03/1995 Entry ordering that this case be closed of record.
10/31/1994 Industrial Water, Inc. notice of withdrawal of opposition to withdrawal of amended application filed by B. Royer. (3 pgs.)
05/02/1994 Memorandum contra motion to withdraw amended application and reply to memorandum contra motions to intervene and to consolidate, filed on behalf of applicant by B. Royer and G. Lovett.
04/21/1994 Motion to withdraw amended application to amend certificates of public convenience and necessity Nos. 10 and 28 and memorandum in support and Memorandum Contra Industrial Water , Inc.'s motions to intervene and to consolidate filed by S. Bloomfield.
04/12/1994 Correction to page 6 of the memorandum in support of motion to intervene and to consolidate filed on behalf of Indus- trial Water, Inc. by B. Royer.
04/11/1994 Motion to intervene and to consolidate and memorandum in support filed on behalf of Industrial Water, Inc. by B. Royer and G. Lovett.
01/10/1994 Correspondence letter supporting the expansion of the Ohio Suburban Water Company service area to include the Wiley Industrial Park, filed by J. McGarry, Commissioners of Miami County.
01/10/1994 Letter requesting to intervene in this case, filed on behalf of Industrial Water Incorporated by J. Bear.
12/20/1993 Correspondence letter requesting the opportunity to speak on behalf of their client, Catlow, Inc., at the hearing, if one is scheduled in this case, filed by H. Wall, III.
12/02/1993 Proofs of publication filed on behalf of applicant by C. Edwards. (Miami and Montgomery Counties)
11/29/1993 Correspondence letter requesting hearing filed by J. Bear.
11/08/1993 Entry ordering that applicant provide any compliances required by the staff of the Commission; that applicant cause publication of legal notice by 11/19/93 and present proof of publication to the Commission by 12/6/93; that unless the Commission receives a written statement objecting to the granting of this application for good cause shown, this matter will be decided on the basis of the information contained in the application. (AE)
10/26/1993 Amended application to amend certificates Nos. 10 and 28 filed on behalf of the applicant by S. Bloomfield.
10/22/1993 In the matter of the application of Ohio Suburban Water Company to amend its certificate of public convenience and necessity No. 10 to add territory to the Northwestern and Eastern portions of its service area located in the City of Huber Heights, Montgomery and Miami Counties, Ohio pursuant to R.C. Section 4933.25.