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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/23/1994 Entry dismissing this case with prejudice and closing it of record. (2 pgs.)
10/27/1994 Letter requesting that the Commission enter its order dismissing this case, filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by J. Kelly. (3 pgs.)
10/27/1994 Proof of Publication filed. (Hocking County) (1 pg.)
10/20/1994 Proof of Publication filed. (Fairfield County) (2 pgs.)
10/20/1994 Entry ordering that respondents' request for an extension of time is granted, such that Ameritech and GTE shall have until 10/26/94 for filing any prefiled testimony. (AE) (2 pgs.)
10/19/1994 Letter requesting, on behalf of both Ameritech Ohio and GTE North, an extension of time to October 26, 1994, for the filing of any prefiled testimony, filed by J. Kelly. (1 pg.)
09/30/1994 Legal Notice sent to: Lancaster-Eagle Gazette (Fairfield Co.) & Logan Daily News (Hocking Co.) Ceritifed Mail.
09/28/1994 Entry scheduling a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 10/26/94 at the Commission offices. (AE) (3 pgs.)
06/29/1994 Entry scheduling this case for a settlement conference at 11:00 a.m. on 7/13/94 at the Commission offices. (AE)
03/31/1994 Additional information filed on behalf of complainant by E. Taylor.
03/14/1994 Entry ordering that complainants have until March 31, 1994 to file the information previously requested in the Attorney Examiner's entry of February 4,1994. (AE)
02/04/1994 Entry ordering that complainants submit the information stated in Finding 4 by 2/25/94. (AE)
09/20/1993 Answer filed on behalf of respondent, Ohio Bell, by J. Kelly.
09/15/1993 Answer of GTE North Incorporated filed by J. Stewart.
08/30/1993 Complaint letter and copy of the complaint mailed to: Ohio Bell Telephone Co., office of the vice president.
08/30/1993 Complaint letter and copy of complaint mailed to: GTE North, office of the president.
08/27/1993 In the matter of the complaint of Leslie E. Taylor (vs) The Ohio Bell Telephone Company and GTE North Incorporated relative to the alleged unjust and unreasonable refusal of The Ohio Bell Telephone Company to give additional service to complainant due to the fact that they are now serviced by GTE North, Incorporated.