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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/18/1994 Exchange and Network service tariff P.U.C.O. NO. 1, Section 5, New Tariff Sheet No. 8th revised No. 12, 7th revised No. 46.8, 14th revised No. 54, Cancelled Tariff Sheet No.; 7th revised No. 12, 6th revised No. 46.8, 13th revised No. 54 filed on behalf of applicant by D. R. McKenzie. (4 pgs.)
09/30/1994 Information response filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by C. Martaus. (2 pgs.)
09/29/1994 Notice of in-service date filed on behalf of respondent, Germantown Independent Telephone, by T. Lodge. (3 pgs.)
06/09/1994 Finding & Order approving the stipulation submitted on December 17, 1993 in its entirety; that Ohio Bell should implement one-way LCP from the Franklin exchange to the Germantown exchange and that Germantown should implement one-way, flat-rate EAS from the Germantown exchange to the Franklin exchange within 12 months; that Ohio Bell and Germantown establish an in-service date within four months of the date of this entry, and advise the Commission not later that 60 days prior to the in-service date in the event the date cannot be met.
05/19/1994 Proof of Publication filed. (Butler County)
04/06/1994 Transcript filed for hearing held 3/17/94, (DJ), 18 pgs., Submitted.
03/24/1994 Proof of Publication filed. (Montgomery County)
03/15/1994 Proof of Publication filed. (Warren County)
02/14/1994 Legal Notices sent to: Journal News (Butler Co.), Dayton Daily News (Montgomery Co.), Western Star (Warren Co.) Certified Mail.
02/09/1994 Entry scheduling a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 3/17/94 at the Carlisle Town Hall, Carlisle, Ohio. (AE)
12/17/1993 Stipulation, agreement and recommendation filed on behalf of the complainants by P. Long; Germantown Independent Telephone Co. by T. Lodge; and Ohio Bell by C. Martaus.
10/14/1993 Answer and information response filed on behalf of respondent, Germantown Telephone, by T. Lodge.
10/13/1993 Answer filed on behalf of respondent, Ohio Bell, by C. Martaus.
10/13/1993 Information response filed on behalf of respondent, Ohio Bell, by C. Martaus.
09/30/1993 Entry ordering that the settlement conference scheduled for 10/21/93 at 10:00 a.m. shall be continued to 11/4/93 at 10:00 a.m. (AE)
09/28/1993 Letter requesting that the settlement conference be rescheduled for 11/4/93 at 10:00 a.m., filed by T. Lodge.
09/13/1993 Entry ordering that respondents file their written answers by 10/14/93; scheduling a settlement conference at 10:00 a.m. on 10/21/93 at the Commission offices. (AE)
08/20/1993 In the matter of the petition of Patrick D. Long, Mayor of the Village of Carlisle, and subscribers of the Franklin, Carlisle and Springboro exchanges of Ohio Bell Telephone Company for two-way non-optional extended area service into the Franklin exchange of Ohio Bell Telephone Company.