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06/18/1992 Opinion & Order adopting the stipulation to the extent that the capital projects herein specified are found to be reasonable; that Monongahela Power's environmental compliance plan to install scrubbers at Harrison and low NOx burners and CEMs at various other plants is approved.
03/13/1992 Transcirpt for hearing held March 10, 1992, (DN) 20 pages, Submitted.
03/09/1992 Prepared testimony of Carl Evans filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by T. McNamee.
01/28/1992 ICN #0005 Entry granting OCC's motion to intervene; that Mon Power's motion for permission to publish notice of the proposed summary of its plan is granted; scheduling the public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 3/10/92 at the Commission offices; that interested parties should submit requests for intervention no later than 2/24/92; that legal notice be published in accordance with Finding 6. (AE)
01/27/1992 ICN #0004 Motion to publish notice filed on behalf of applicant by G. Jack.
12/20/1991 ICN #0003 Testimony of the following persons filed on behalf of applicant by G. Jack: 1. Alfred Calafiore 2. Carl H. Cater 3. William R. Cress 4. Stanley I. Garnett, II 5. Navin K. Gupta 6. Richard E. Myers 7. James J. Schaeffer 8. Joseph P. Ward 9. David S. Wiggins, Jr.
11/14/1991 ICN #0002 Motion to intervene and memorandum in support filed on behalf of OCC by C. Mooney.
09/30/1991 ICN #0001 In the matter of the application of Monongahela Power Company for approval of its environmental compliance plan pursuant to Chapter 4913 of the Ohio Revised Code.