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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/04/1990 Appointment of Mr. Randy Carter as 9-1-1 emergency coordinator, filed by L. Marinacci.
07/06/1990 Revised tariff sheet PUCO No. 5 filed on behalf of United Telephone by J. Ludenia.
06/14/1990 Finding & Order granting United authority to provide 911 service to its Fairfield County subscribers.
06/07/1990 Proposed tariff, PUCO No. 5, filed on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio by J. Ludenia.
12/08/1989 Revised tariff sheets PUCO No. 7 filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy.
12/01/1989 Revised tariff sheet PUCO No.1, sheet No. 48.1 filed on behalf of the applicant by A. Krekel.
11/28/1989 Finding and Order granting Ohio Bell and GTE authority to provide Fairfield County 911 emergency service and granting United temporary exclusion from participating in the system for its Hebron and Pataskala exchanges.
11/22/1989 Letter of information concerning the Hebron and Pataskala Exchanges of United Telephone Company filed by J. Ludenia.
11/14/1989 Implementation date for 911 Fairfield County is December 6, 1989 filed by S. Link.
09/19/1989 Letter filed by J. Kennedy on behalf of GTE North Incorp- orated, informing the Commission that the in-service date shall be late November or early December.
08/29/1989 Costs and subscriber line charges for Fairfield County customers, filed by J. Kennedy on behalf of GTE North Inc.
08/02/1989 Tariff sheets, PUCO No. 1, filed by W. R. Gustaferro and R. E. Cogan on behalf of applicant.
03/14/1989 Final plans for the implementation of Enhanced 911 service in Fairfield County filed by P. Hancock. (filed 3/9/89)
09/16/1988 In the Matter of the Implementation of Enhances 911 service for Fairfield County.