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Case Title: LEASING OF EQUIPMENT 4901:2-3-07,09
Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 2/23/1988
Date Closed: 6/7/1988
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Date FiledSummaryPages
10/12/1988Memo stating rule is being filed for adoption with effective date of October 22, 1988.0
08/11/1988Entry adopting on an emergency basis amended subparagraph (A) (1) of Rule 4901;2-2-07 and adopting on a permanent basis amended subparagraphs (A) (1) and paragraph (C) both of rule 4901;2-3-07 O.A.C.0
06/15/1988Letter filed on behalf of OTA and C.H. Hooker Trucking Co. for an extentsion of time to file comments by B. Ferris.0
06/08/1988Memo stating rules are refiled for adoption to be effective June 18, 1988.0
06/07/1988Entry adopting the Amendments to rules 4901:2-3-07 and 4901:2-3-09 OAC.0
05/11/1988Memo stating rules 4901:2-3-07 and 4902:2-3-09 OAC are being withdrawn, that were filed for adoption on 5/10/88.0
05/10/1988Memo stating rules 4901:2-3-07 and 4901:2-3-09 are being filed for adoption with effective date of May 20, 1988.0
04/22/1988Comments of Ohio Trucking Association and C. H. Hooker Trucking Co., filed by J. Muldoon and B. Ferris.0
04/14/1988Entry extending comment period to 5/6/88.0
04/01/1988Letter filed on behalf of Craig Transportation Co. supporting the rule changes filed by D. Craig.0
03/29/1988Comments with attachments filed by D. Frizzi, Jr., on be- half of Jonida Trucking, Inc.0
03/08/1988Entry giving interested parties 30 days within which to file comments to proposed amendment of rules 4901;2-3-07 and 4901;2-3-09 OAC.0
02/23/1988In the Matter of the Amendment of Rule 4901:2-3-07, Ohio Administrative Code.0