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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
12/07/1990 DOCKET CARD
08/16/1990 Finding & Order granting request to remove Shawnee Hills from PUCO jurisdiction and approving the transfer of assets to the Greene County, Ohio Board of Commissioners.
07/30/1990 Motion to dismiss and memorandum in support filed on behalf of applicant by S. Bloomfield.
05/11/1988 Letter filed by D. Nodes on behalf of OCC.
05/06/1988 Letter filed by J. Markowitz on behalf of applicant.
04/28/1988 Letter filed by J. Markowitz on behalf of applicant.
04/27/1988 Certificate of Service filed by T. Nader on behalf of the PUCO staff.
04/25/1988 Investigation Report issued by R. Nestor on behalf of the PUCO.
04/21/1988 Initial Brief of The Staff of The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio filed by T. Nader.
04/21/1988 Post-Hearing Brief of The Office of the Consumers' Counsel filed by D. Nodes.
04/13/1988 Letter filed on behalf of the Commission acknowledging the receipt of the April 4, 1988 letter filed by S.Pettibone.
04/05/1988 Trans., for hearing held on 3/22/88, (GH) Submitted Vol. I, 1-25 pages.
04/05/1988 Written report on the status of a new well filed by S. Pettibone on behalf of Ohio EPA.
04/04/1988 Certification of trustee of Shawnee Hills Utilities, Inc. filed by M.Finger.
03/21/1988 Prepared Testimony of Robert M. Nestor on behalf of applicant.
03/18/1988 Trustee's response to the Entry of the PUCO entered 2/17/88 filed by M. Finger.
03/15/1988 Entry granting OCC intervention. (AE)
03/10/1988 Motion to intervene filed on behalf of OCC by D. Nodes.
03/07/1988 Proof of Publication filed. (County/Greene)
02/22/1988 Legal Notice sent to Xenia Daily Gazette (Greene County).
02/17/1988 Entry scheduling public hearing for March 22, 1988 at 10:00 a.m. at the office of the Commission.
02/03/1988 In the Matter of the Investigation of Shawnee Hills Utility Company, Relative to its Quality of Service.