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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 1/16/1987
Date Closed: 10/14/1987
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Date FiledSummaryPages
12/15/1987Memo stating rules are being filed for adoption today with effective date of December 25, 1987.0
11/13/1987Application for Rehearing by The Local Government Utility Coalition filed by J. Migden.0
11/13/1987Application for Rehearing of the Office of the Consumers' Counsel filed by B. Weston.0
10/14/1987Entry rescinding certain provisions of Chapter 1551:1-7 (OAC) and amending Chapter 4901-1 (OAC)0
03/12/1987Certificate of Service of the Comments of The East Ohio Gas Company, The River Gas Company and West Ohio Gas Company filed by C. Kennedy.0
03/09/1987Motion to Intervene filed by D. Williams on behalf of Monongahela Power Company.0
03/06/1987Letter filed by D. Williams on behalf of Monongahela Power Company, Relative to the company will not be filing initial comments in this matter and requesting any and all informa- tion be sent to him.0
03/05/1987Comments of the East Ohio Gas Company and the River Gas Company and the West Ohio Gas Company filed by P.Ruxin.0
03/05/1987Comments of the Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company by G. Garfield.0
03/05/1987Comments of the Ohio Edison Company filed by M.Beiting.0
03/05/1987Comments of the Dayton Power & Light Company by E. Rizer.0
03/05/1987Comments of United Telephone Company of Ohio filed by E. D'Amato.0
03/05/1987Comments of Ohio American Water Company filed by S. Bloomfield.0
03/05/1987Comments of US Sprint Communication Company filed by S. Bloomfield.0
03/05/1987Comments of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. by S.Seiple.0
03/05/1987Comments of the Local Governments Utility Coalition by J. Migden.0
03/05/1987Joint Coments by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. and the Toledo Edison Co. by C. Smith and F. Lange.0
03/05/1987Comments of the Ohio Bell Telephone Company by W. Hunt.0
03/05/1987Comments of Ohio Telephone Association filed by J. R. Prohaska.0
03/05/1987Motion to Intervene filed by B. Weston on behalf of OCC.0
03/05/1987Comments of OCC filed by b. Weston.0
03/05/1987Comments of C&SOE and Ohio Power filed by A. Kessler.0
02/27/1987Entry granting OCC's motion for an expedited ruling and denying motion for a fourteen-day extension of the due date for the filing of comments. (AE)0
02/20/1987Motion for an extension of time and Motion for an expedited ruling filed by B. Weston on behalf of OCC.0
02/03/1987Entry giving interested persons until 3/5/87 to file comments.0
01/16/1987In the Matter of the Amendment of Chapter 4901-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code and the Rescission of Certain Provisions of Chapter 1551:1-7 of the Ohio Administrative code.0