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CASE DESCRIPTION: AEP Ohio Transmission Company Inc
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
10/17/2019 Service Notice
10/17/2019 Order on Certificate that the Ohio Power Siting Board grants the application filed by AEP Ohio Transmission Company, Inc. to amend its certificate.
10/01/2019 Notice of Proof of Compliance Letter and associated exhibits for the Amendment to the Dennison-Yager Project electronically filed by Tanner Wolffram on behalf of AEP Ohio Transmission Company, Inc.
09/20/2019 Service Notice (Staff Report)
09/20/2019 Staff Report of Investigation electronically filed by Mr. Matt Butler on behalf of Staff of OPSB.
07/12/2019 In the Matter of the Amendment Application of AEP Ohio Transmission Company, Inc. for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Dennison-Yager 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project electronically filed by Ms. Christen M. Blend on behalf of AEP Ohio.Transmission Company, Inc.