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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/23/2013 Case Status Form to close cases.
12/06/2010 Memo automatically closing case with an effective date of 12/6/10.
11/03/2010 Service Notice
11/03/2010 Entry ordering that CUOH's request for a 30-day extension of time to complete the project is granted; that CUOH complete the project by December 6, 2010. (SF)
11/02/2010 Memo recommending that the Attorney Examiner grant the additional 30 days to complete this project filed by G. Martin on behalf of Staff.
11/01/2010 Request of CUOH asking for a 30 day extension to complete the project due to: the railroad approved contractor having been pulled away from this project in order to concentrate all efforts to complete the Waterworks Road, Newark, Ohio project (case number 10-831-RR-RCP) and a delay in obtaining the necessary equipment to complete the project.
10/07/2010 Service Notice
10/07/2010 Entry ordering that CUOH's request to not stop and flag train movements at this crossing until completion of the project is granted. (SF)
10/07/2010 Memorandum stating staff recommends that the Commission rescind the stop and flag order for the crossing, while still holding Columbus & Ohio River Railroad to an in service deadline of November 6, 2010 filed by PUCO Staff, G. Martin.
10/06/2010 Correspondence regarding the Columbus & Ohio River Rail Road Company's stop and flag order in Tuscarawas County, filed by D. Birrell. (FAX)
10/01/2010 Service notice.
10/01/2010 Entry ordering CUOH is granted a 30 day extension of time to complete the project. (SF)
09/29/2010 Staff report recommending the Commission grant a 30 day extension at this time filed by J. Henry.
09/23/2010 Request for a 60 day extension of time filed by D. Birrell on behalf of the Columbus & ohio River Rail Road Company. (FAX)
10/07/2009 Service Notice.
10/07/2009 Entry ordering that Columbus & Ohio River Railroad (CUOH) submit to the Commission and ORDC site plans and cost estimates for the projects by January 5, 2010; that, by January 12, 2010, CUOH file a notice in this docket advising that it has submitted site plans and cost estimates to the Commission and ORDC; that, by February 4, 2010, CUOH file a notice that it has initiated with the applicable public utility the process to ensure that electric services will be available at the involved grade crossings as set forth in finding (4); that CUOH follow the detailed instructions as outlined in the ORDC letter of construction authorization and proceed with and complete the project by October 7, 2010; that CUOH notify the Commission and ORDC 30 days before the projected date of completion; that, at the time staff or ORDC makes its final inspection and if it finds that the installation at the grade crossing is completed and warning devices have been put in service, staff will file a memorandum in this docket indicating that the installation is completed and the warning devices have been put in service.
09/28/2009 In the matter of the authorization of the Columbus & Ohio River Railroad to install an active grade crossing warning device in Tuscarawas County.