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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
04/14/2004 Correspondence in regards to Shorte Rd. crossing filed by J. Rylener.
09/02/2003 Memo requesting that Docketing close this case of record, filed by B. Johrendt, PUCO staff.
08/07/2003 Service Notice
08/06/2003 Opinion & Order that the petition filed by CSX Transportation, Inc. for closure of the Shorle Road crossing be denied. It is, further, ordered that staff undertake a review of this location in consultation with CSX Transportation, Inc., the Ohio Rail Development Commission, and local highway agencies to determine if additional safety devices are needed.
07/03/2003 Letters filed regarding closing of Shorle Road, in Wayne County by various consumers.
07/02/2003 Letter to Lance White, Daily Record, in reference to editorial on Sunday, June 29, 2003, the Wayne County Commissioners are all opposed to the closing of Shorle Road Railroad Crossing, filed by Wayne County Commissioners.
06/03/2003 Correspondence letter opposing the application, filed by L. Miller.
06/03/2003 Petition signed by several consumers opposing the application, filed by J. Rufener.
06/03/2003 Proof of Publication filed. (Wayne County)
05/29/2003 Letter filed relative to the closing of the Shorle Road, by J. Rufener.
05/23/2003 Correspondence relative to the closing of the Shorle Rd Milton Township, Wayne County, filed by J. Rupp.
05/21/2003 Correspondence relative to the closing of the Shorle Rd Township Road 41, Wayne County, filed by T. Maurer.
05/20/2003 Correspondence relative to CSX closing of the Shorle Rd, filed by R. Schar.
05/20/2003 Correspondence relative to closing of the Shorle Road at the PSX crossing in Wayne County filed by L. Watson.
05/19/2003 Letter opposing the closing of the rail road crossing located on Shorle Road in Milton Township, Wayne County, Ohio, filed by B. Imhoff.
05/15/2003 Correspondence relative to closing of Shorle Road railroad crossing closing, filed on behalf of Milton Township Trustees.
05/15/2003 Correspondence relative to the Shorle Road Railroad Crossing, filed by Sterling Fire District.
05/07/2003 Transcript filed for hearing held April 29, 2003, (RB). (Sterling, Ohio)
05/06/2003 Correspondence letter filed by P. Winter.
05/05/2003 Resolution No. 2002-166 filed on behalf of the Wayne County Commissioners, filed by B. Johrendt, PUCO staff.
03/12/2003 Legal notices sent to: The Daily Record-Wooster, Ohio.
03/11/2003 Entry scheduling a hearing at 6:00 p.m. on April 29, 2003, at Sterling Elementary, Sterling, Ohio; that the Secretary of the Commission cause publication of the legal notice in accordance with Finding 5. (APA)
02/26/2003 Memo recommending that the Commission conduct a public hearing in this case, by staff B. Johrendt.
11/20/2002 In the matter of the petition for closure to vehicular traffic, TWP 41/Shorle Rd. (142-031R), Milton Township, Wayne County, CSX Transportation.