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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
03/25/2003 Entry ordering that applicant shall notify its customers of the change in its rate schedule; that this case be closed of record.
03/14/2003 Customer Notice filed on behalf of applicant by M. Ramser.
02/13/2003 Entry ordering that the applicant shall prepare a proposed customer notice to be used to notify all of its customers of the increase in rates authorized in these proceedings and shall file such proposed form with the Commission no later than 14 days after the date of this entry, for review and approval by the Commission's consumer service department.
02/13/2003 Service Notice.
01/24/2003 Revised Tariff sheets, filed on behalf of Ohio Cumberland Gas Company by M. Ramser.
01/23/2003 Opinion & Order approving the stipulation and recommendation and granting the application as provided in this order; that Ohio Cumberland shall file proposed tariff revisions consistent with this order within 10 days of this decision; that this case remain open until otherwise ordered by the Commission.
01/17/2003 Amended stipulation and recommendation, filed on behalf of PUCO staff W. Margard,III and Ohio Cumberland Gas Company by M. Ramser.
01/13/2003 Proof of Publications filed. (Knox, Ashland, Richland, Coshocton,Wayne and Licking Counties)
01/06/2003 Transcript w/exhibits filed for hearing held Dec. 20, 2002 at PUCO (GP).
01/02/2003 Transcript filed for hearing held Dec. 18, 2002, (GP), 6pgs. cont'd. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio)
12/20/2002 Stipulation and recommendation on behalf of both parties filed by PUCO staff, W. Margard and Ohio Cumberland Gas Company, M. Ramser.
11/26/2002 Entry scheduling the public evidentiary hearing at 10:00 a.m. on December 20, 2002, Hearing Room 11-D, Commission offices; that one local public hearing be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 6:30 p.m. at City Council Chambers, City Hall, Mt. Vernon, Ohio; that notice of the hearings be published by Ohio Cumberland as directed in Finding 5. (GP)
11/19/2002 Letter stating that applicant has reviewed the Staff Report and is in agreement with the recommendations contained therein, filed by M. Ramser.
10/29/2002 Entry ordering that all motions to strike objections to the staff's report shall be filed by December 2, 2002, Memoranda contra the motions to strike objections shall be filed by December 12, 2002. (GP)
10/18/2002 Staff Report filed.
07/31/2002 Correspondence letter opposing the application, filed by Sue Harwell.
07/25/2002 Correspondence letter opposing the application, filed by Joan and Art Cassell.
06/27/2002 Entry ordering that the request for waivers made by the applicant be granted, and that the applicant shall begin publication of the notice to customers, within thirty days of the date of this entry.
06/27/2002 Service notice
05/22/2002 In the matter of the application of Ohio Cumberland Gas Company for an increase in rates and charges.