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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
01/19/2005 Service Notice
01/19/2005 Entry ordering that Certificate No. 90-9032 be reissued and its corresponding tariff in case 90-9032-TP-TRF be reinstated consistent with Finding (4).
12/05/2002 Entry ordering that this case be closed as a matter of record.
12/05/2002 Service Notice
08/27/2002 Entry ordering that the joint motion for a protective order filed by AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC; AT&T PCS Wireless of Cleveland, LLC; McLang Cellular, Inc.; Orange County Cellular Telephone Corp.; West Virginia Cellular Telephone Corp.; and Wheeling Cellular Telephone Company on April 30, 2002, is denied; that the request of Allegiance Telecom of Ohio for confidential treatment of its annual report is denied; that the individual motions filed on April 30, 2002, by AES NewEnergy, Inc., The New Power Company, and WPS Energy Services for a waiver of Rule 4901:1-24-07, O.A.C., and for a protective order are hereby denied; that ten calendar days after the journalization of this entry, Commission staff shall place in the public record the annual reports filed by all the above-named companies and Docketing Division shall eliminate any confidential treatment provided the documents filed by the above-named companies in these cases.
04/30/2002 Motion for protective order memorandum in support of motion for protective order filed by S. Bloomfield.
03/22/2002 Letter regarding Annual report, filed on behalf of Eagle Energy, LLC by D. Marshall.
03/14/2002 Entry ordering that the secretary of the Commission send to all public utilities a copy of this entry and two copies of the appropriate form of the annual report to be completed by the public utilities; that the public utilities and CRES providers shall complete and return the annual report by April 30, 2002; that the railroads shall complete and return the annual report by April 30, 2002.
03/04/2002 In the matter of the filing of 2001 annual reports by regulated public utilities.