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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: BTX-Application for a Certificate/ Gas or Electric
Date Opened: 4/25/1993
Date Closed: 7/17/2000
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Date FiledSummaryPages
07/17/2000Entry dismissing this case and closing it of record; that any application fees associated with Case Number 93-984-GA-BTX that may not have been spent should be returned to COH. (OPSB)5
06/01/2000ICN #0010 Request that the Power Siting Board close this case of record, filed on behalf of applicant by M. Pahutski. (1 pg.)1
06/08/1994ICN #0009 Correspondence letter to Mr. W. T. Chaney, CG&E, stating that the application and additional information has been found incomplete, filed on behalf of the OPSB staff.0
04/19/1994ICN #0008 Four pages of photocopies field notes which were inadvertently omitted from previous filing, submitted on behalf of applicant by W. Chaney.0
04/07/1994ICN #0007 Additional information filed on behalf of applicant by W. Chaney.0
02/11/1994ICN #0006 Letter to Mr. W.T. Chaney stating that the Spur- lock 138kV transmission line extension has been found in- complete, filed by C. Glazer, OPSB staff.0
01/25/1994ICN #0005 Entry granting waiver of the 20 percent limitation set forth in rule 4906-5-03-(A) (2) (a) (iii). (AE)0
12/15/1993ICN #0004 Report entitled "Phase I and II Cultural Resources Investigations for the Spurlock Transmission Line Extension Project in Huntington and Union Township, Brown County, Ohio" filed on behalf of applicant by D. Radcliffe.0
12/10/1993ICN #0003 Short-form application filed on behalf of applicant by D. Musselman.0
12/10/1993ICN #0002 Motion for waiver of OAC 4906-5-03, filed on behalf of applicant by D. Musselman.0
04/26/1993ICN# 0001 Letter requesting assignment of a case number for Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company for a certificate to con- struct and operate Spurlock 138kV transmission line ex- tension.0
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