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Case Title: CHAPTERS 4901:5-25 AND 4901:1-13
Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 11/1/1991 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 11/24/1993
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03/24/2008Pursuant to paragraph 36 of the Stipulation and the Commission Order adopting Stipulation, attached for filing are Columbia Gas of Ohio's curtailment/ emergency gas confiscation procedures filed by S. Nourse.8
09/06/2007Correspondence of the East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion East Ohio, stating that no revisions have been made this year to its Emergency Curtailment Plan, filed by A. Campbell.1
09/04/2007Correspondence stating that Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., formerly known as Cincinnati Gas & Electric company will not be revising its Gas Curtailment Emergency Plan filed by R. D'Ascenzo.1
01/30/2006Revised Emergency Curtailment Plan for the East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion East Ohio, filed by H. Liebman.17
08/04/1998Letter stating that East Ohio Gas is not planning to make revisions to its Emergency Curtailment Plan pursuant to Section 4901:5-25-02(D) of the Ohio Administrative Code and the Commission's entry order of November 24, 1993, filed by J. Demarr. (1 pg.)1
03/28/1994Letter stating that the curtailment guidelines will be filed by 5/15/94, filed on behalf of Suburban Natural Gas Co. by D. Pemberton, Jr.0
03/01/1994Application of The River Gas Company for approval of emergency curtailment plan, filed by H. Liebman. (FILED 2/22/94)0
03/01/1994Gas curtailment plan filed on behalf of DP&L by D. George.0
02/22/1994Application of West Ohio Gas Company for approval of emergency curtailment plan filed by H. Liebman.0
02/22/1994Application of the East Ohio Gas Company for approval of emergency curtailment plan filed by H. Liebman.0
11/24/1993Entry ordering that existing Rule 4901:1-13-02 through 05, O.A.C. are hereby rescinded; that the attached revisions to Chapters 4901:5-25 and 4901:1-13, O.A.C. are hereby adopted.0
11/24/1993Transcript for hearing held Thursday, November 4, 1993 at 10:00 a.m. before C. Glazer, M. Biddison, and R. Fanelly.76
11/24/1993Transcript filed for hearing held 11/4/93, (CG) (JMB), (RF), 76 pgs., Con't.0
11/03/1993Addition to comments that was inadvertently omitted from page 1 filed on behalf of Ohio Consumers' Counsel by J. Serio.2
11/01/1993Motion to intervene and comments of Bay Area Council of Governments, Greater Cleveland Schools Council of Governments and Lake Erie Regional Council of Governments on Staff recommendation for implementation of FERC Order 636 filed by G. Krassen.9
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