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Purpose Code: UNC-Unclassified
Date Opened: 8/29/2012 1:59:07 PM
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02/13/2015Notice of withdrawal Notice of Withdrawal as Counsel electronically filed by Mr. Andrew J Sonderman on behalf of DPL Energy Resources, Inc.3
09/03/2014Notice of Substitution of Counsel Jonathan Allison for Mallory Mohler electronically filed by Ms. Cheryl A Smith on behalf of The Kroger Co.2
03/28/2014Notice of withdrawal of Joseph E. Oliker filed by F. Darr on behalf of McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC.4
02/13/2014Service Notice14
02/13/2014Opinion and order ordered that the motions for protective orders are granted and the Commission's docketing division maintain, under seal, the documents listed in Attachment A to this Order, which were filed under seal in these dockets on the dates set forth in Attachment A, until February 16, 2016; ordered that Duke's motion to strike lEU's notice of additional authority filed on October 18, 2013, is granted.ordered that Duke's application is denied, and these cases are dismissed and closed of record. ordered that nothing in this Opinion and Order shall be binding upon the Commission in any future proceeding or investigation involving the justness or reasonableness of any rate, charge, rule, or regulation. Concurring opinion by Commissioner Lynn Slaby. 55
10/30/2013Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.'s Memorandum Contra Industrial Energy User-Ohio's Motion for Order Permitting Memorandum Contra electronically filed by Dianne Kuhnell on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. and Spiller, Amy B. and Kingery, Jeanne W. 11
10/28/2013Motion For an Order Permitting Memorandum Contra to Motion to Strike and Supporting Memorandum and Memorandum of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio in Opposition of the Motion to Strike by Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. electronically filed by Mr. Frank P Darr on behalf of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio.15
10/21/2013Motion of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., to Strike Unauthorized Notice of Additional Authority and Memorandum in Support electronically filed by Carys Cochern on behalf of Kingery, Jeanne W Ms.11
10/18/2013Notice of Additional Authority electronically filed by Mr. Frank P Darr on behalf of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio.231
10/15/2013Notice of substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly W. Bojko on behalf of Ohio Manufacturers' Association.2
10/15/2013Notice of withdrawal electronically filed by Teresa Orahood on behalf of J. Thomas Siwo, Bricker & Eckler LLP.3
07/31/2013Confidential document target: Reply Brief filed by M. Kurtz on behalf of The Ohio Energy Group. (4 pages)1
07/30/2013Reply Brief electronically filed by M HOWARD PETRICOFF on behalf of Retail Energy Supply Association and Interstate Gas Supply, Inc.16
07/30/2013Reply brief of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. electronically filed by Carys Cochern on behalf of Kingery, Jeanne W Ms.157
07/30/2013Brief of Ohio Energy Group's (OEG) Reply Brief (Public Version) electronically filed by Mr. Michael L. Kurtz on behalf of Ohio Energy Group.18
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Beeler, Steven
Jones, John
Lindgren, Thomas
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Pirik,Christine M.T.