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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ARB-Petition for arbitration
Date Opened: 4/5/2002 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 10/17/2002
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10/17/2002Opinion & Order that the interconnection agreement between Revolution and Ameritech shall include the additional terms and conditions set forth in this order; that no changes in the proposed agreement shall occur without Commission approval; that no assignment or transfer of the rights and responsibilities provided under the interconnection shall occur without Commission approval; that the parties submit by October 28, 2002, only the language in Sections 2.9.9 and 2.9.10 of appendix UNE that incorporates the directives contained within this order as an amendment to the parties existing interconnection agreement approved by the Commission in Case No. 02-0003-TP-NAG.10
10/01/2002Additional information filed on behalf of Revolution Communication Company, LLC filed by J. Migden.2
09/19/2002SBC Ameritech agreement continue. (part 3 of 3)190
09/19/2002Comments of Revolution Communications Company, LLC dba 1-800-4-A-Phone filed by J. Migden.5
09/19/2002SBC Ameritech agreement continue. (part 2 of 3)250
09/19/2002SBC Ameritech Ohio's submission of interconnection agreement language filed by M. Fenlon. (part 1 of 3)250
09/05/2002Arbitration Award ordering that Revolution and Ameritech incorporate the directives as set forth in this award within their interconnection agreement; that within 14 days of this arbitration award, Revolution and Ameritech file in this docket their interconnection agreement; that within ten days of the filing of the interconnection agreement, any party or other interested persons may file written comments; that this docket shall remain open until further order of the Commission.7
09/05/2002Service Notice.1
08/12/2002SBC Ameritech Ohio's response to Revolution's statement of additional authority filed by M. Fenlon.9
08/09/2002Statement of additional authority on behalf of Revolution Communications Company, LLC dba 1-800-4-A-PHNE (Revolution) filed by J. Migden.20
08/08/2002Response to Revolution's exceptions to the panel report filed by M. Fenlon on behalf of Ameritech Ohio.6
08/05/2002Revolution's exceptions to the arbitration panel report filed by J. Migden.8
07/26/2002Service Notice.47
07/26/2002Arbitration Panel Report ordering that the Commission adopt the recommendation of the Panel and instruct the parties to incorporate such within their interconnection agreement; that any exceptions that Revolution or Ameritech may have to this Panel Report should be filed by August 5, 2002, and that any replies that Revolution or Ameritech may have to those exceptions be field by August 8, 2002.14
07/25/2002Letter stating that Ameritech Ohio has no objection to the extension of the deadline for issuing arbitration awards until September 12, 2002, filed by M. Fenlon.1
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